Praxis: Action and meaning

In these objects, there exists not a single representation. The dichotomy of signifier and signified has shattered. There are only traces of meanings anchored in the titles of the series. The artist does not want to say anything, because they’ve decided to act instead of speaking. So, between the signifier and the signified arises the question. It creates a field of uncertainty that gives the artwork endless possible meanings.

In the exhibition room, in this book and in the very work space we find the finished piece waiting for us. Only us – spectators active visitors – are capable of opening interpretations. There, in that infinite polysemy, lies the richness in the works of Silvio Fischbein.

Fischbein’s work in the visual arts is permanent and unstoppable. The ability of his production to be thought of as parallel series, is not a category a posteriori. It is the way it has been constructed during these 55 years of trajectory. Simultaneously, and fundamentally, from the actioning of its author; working every day. Every millimeter of what we see is in consequence of meticulous work.

At the same time, the series are flexible territories. “The works enter and exit from one collection to another one, they settle on their own and they interact with their occasional company, getting diverse senses, temporary draftings.” That is: the work method stays centered in the open sense of the different series and works. Like polyfunctional syntactic units, every piece could generate new dialogues.

Federico de la Puente / July 2018