Creative freedom

Silvio Fischbein’s work is not easy to take in. On the contrary, it demands our attentive look. It compels us to search beyond.

It is about boxes stuffed with small pieces that intermingle, that follow one another, that link up creating worlds where one can get immensely lost. Silvio Fischbein works with everyday objects, and even with a certain kitsch touch constantly, obstinately repeated in his run, elements disappear to turn into works perfectly closed, in which the search is absolutely aesthetic in art’s most classic sense: composition, colour, texture, direction. The most appealing thing in Silvio Fischbein’s art is the use of simple, totally decontextualised elements, tiny little dolls which serve as colour and texture generators, though not as characters or referring to a particular object. A little truck does not function as such, but as a colourful spot; likewise, thousands of plastic babies do not refer to children, but to visual textures. The inherent meaning of the children’s piñata toys, little jars, lids Silvio’s works are made out of, lose their character through repetition. “My ideal is not to compose, but to generate texture,” Silvio says.  

I guess that many times, like in every work of art, images refer to the viewer’s meanings, but meanings are open. Thus, everyone will read something different in the same work of art, and there will be as many interpretations as spectators because it is work that is sealed with the outside look.

Silvio is a species of rare artistic archaeologist, who finds different objects to create his almost wholly abstract images combining material, colours and shapes. He takes a special look at things, discovering beauty in things most of us would not even see (for instance I’m thinking of a work made with a large number of metal pipe cuttings). He takes everyday things out of context to highlight a noteworthy feature: a particular shine, a colour, a shape. There is absolute freedom in his choice of material, be it toys, wire, mirrors, film, showing that art is not the prerogative of any material or of any what, but of an elaborate how.

Silvio Fischbein firmly believes in following his own path and in enjoying it, which is the only way to be really genuine in art.


Florencia Salas

Art Curator