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Praxis: Action and meaning

In these objects, there exists not a single representation. The dichotomy of signifier and signified has shattered. There are only traces of meanings anchored in the titles of the series. The artist does not want to say anything, because they’ve decided to act instead of speaking. So, between the signifier and the signified arises the […]

Exercising other times

The work of Silvio Fischbein creates a new interpretation of time. The pieces are not chronologically ordered. However, in parallel according to series. The same ones -in turn- are the only anchoring device we refer to to pose hypotheses. Each action has in itself the alteration of the time it unfolds in. Specifically, each piece […]

A new speech

“That which with all evidence we do not see, looks at us as a lost effort. The manner of what is visible becomes inescapable -that is, condemned to a question of being- when seeing is feeling that something eludes us it eludes us inescapably: said another way, when seeing is losing. Everything is there.”  The […]