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On previous occasions we pointed out that Silvio Fischbein’s work, centred on the protagonism of colour and the constructivist sense of shapes, began a transition to the “end of the pure” that Arthur Danto envisioned as one of the matrixes of contemporary art. Thus, it expanded the sphere of the pictorial to the exploration of the real object, in an advance of freer and hazardous shapes, driven by a playful and experimental attitude.

This way is deepened here with works integrated in a new disturbing dimension. In this series, the intrusion of a foreign body in normalcy, and with it, the irruption of disorder appear. There is chaos now, and the subject staggers in their certainties because reality turns strange, troublesome and menacing. It is not about seeking pleasing beauty, but to assert itself at a crossroads where the artist questions the rational statute of the real. Aesthetic experience leaves any certainty or convention under suspicion, that is the reason why windows, doors, bedside tables or toys, all objects of the universe of everyday life –at the impertinence of a strange conjunction- , become metaphors of the estrangement of reality.

This is about an effort of representation, where the enunciation reveals chaos and collapse and, above all, the arbitrariness of all meaning. However, as it often happens in the world of art, all collapse implies the possibility of conception after catastrophe. That is the reason why Silvio Fischbein now shows us the dramatic image of a provoking and irreverent beauty.

Malena Babino
March 2012.