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SILVIO FISCHBEIN / Urban Fragments

In the context of democratic and highly industrialized societies, art has defined itself like a questioner of traditional work, including denunciation, experimentation and technical innovations. This new language has borrowed elements from everyday life.
Silvio Fischbein as a multi-faceted artist: a ceramist, painter, filmmaker and architect, he is without a doubt a referent of this new artistic conception where borrowing, the critical and conscious operation of giving new meaning to the surrounding reality, makes itself visible.
This contemporary sensitivity the artist belongs to, places him in aesthetics that prioritizes the individual, that pursues to keep the touch of the author in the expression of authentic worlds and feelings.

The chaotic though interesting open sky typographic gallery that cities have become, its density, has been incorporated to his proposal in a curious and ambiguous co-occurrence of conflicting elements.
The units that weave solid and cohesive textures get organized in the whole of the work, with absolute variety in the unit.

His boxes refer to the massivity, the serial, industrial objects in harmony with pop art of unusual vitality, marked by rythm variation and alternations in the visual field and colour applied in strong contrasts, giving rise to new ways of resemanticizing space.
His achitectonic labyrinths and profusion have gone beyond the limits of his initial discourse, safeguarding his imaginary of repetition and immobility with his persistent personal imprint.

He advances into another territoriality, staging, cartography, where the inner and outer landscape hold talks in those “Urban fragments”, as the artist has named it.
Now standing, but torn, his microcosms open windows, to draw the curtain to the intimacy of those who inhabit them, immersed in a reality that generates new systems of social contrasts, passages to a new weave of conflicts and tensions that the author mediatizes through the reinvention of the utopian gesture.

Prof. Gnocchini, Indiana
Director of Mumbat.