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The celebration of the toy

Recycling means using materials again to create something new that did not exist before. Starting from this proposition, Silvio Fischbein attempts to demonstrate, through his amazing work of complex color compositions and patterns, a reflection on the contemporary world, where a mass and serial exploitation is generated, where everything is industrialized and can be disposed of.

Fischbein raises every tiny toy to the status of work of art, and relies on them to articulate his creation in an abstract way as if it were a three-dimensional collage. He retrieves the child to create his art; through his work he allows us to go back to our childhood, to reflect upon life, to be moved, and sometimes to feel uneasy.

A world of toys gets mixed up with his role as an artist, his roots as an architect and film director, which lead him to seek the way in which art is able to generate emotions.

Moved by the mere observation of these toys that belonged to his childhood and that continue flooding any child’s, Silvio begins to experiment a compositional process manufacturing these pieces out of the gadgets that had remained obsolete.

Moved by the ongoing search for these scattered toys, the artist also develops an interesting collection of keepsakes, small figurine party favors that contribute to the particular identity of his work. The result: harmonic works where each piece contributes a specific meaning, a history that speaks about past and present fashions, but in which the brilliant global product distracts from the concrete.

Some of his works count with more than 3,000 toys which for some are simply to be discarded. The artist states that, in fact, that is what they are: the antithesis of consumerism doomed to extinction that aims to give way to a recycling-flavored XXI century.

Néstor Zonana