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I dont´t know the truth, but I don´t lie, I don´t lie to myself and I don´t lie to others.

Art is like love. It must excite us, make us feel nervous, disturb us.

I want my work to thrill. My work does not have to be explained, nor read, nor understood. It is enough producing an expressive event that hurts, or produces pain. It is not necessary to reconstruct an anecdote.

It creates knowledge in me.

It is necessary to be aware of oneself, to have questions. It is necessary to recognise oneself from a cultural, ideological and political point of view. Ask for oneself. Then ask for the other, for the others.

Developing a creative mind is to look through those questions.

The artists create their work so that the other, the others, with their own questions can make it their own, so they can complete the work. They can make it their own through their own questions, changing it into some other work, into something different.

A definition? That would terminate with my work.